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Problem Horses

Problem horses are a large part of our business. It’s become very common for the best trainers in the country to send us horses with any number of different problematic issues. We’re equipped with the knowledge and experience to professionally and positively address those issues. Yes, it is uncommon for most, but we take pride and enjoy helping with problematic horses.

Problem Horses We Commonly Deal With:

  • Horses that have starting gate issues. We work with these horses at our on-site gate.
  • Horses that buck or are unruly. For our crew of young, athletic, highly, skilled riders this is one of our simplest fixes.
  • Horses that won’t train, or won’t go to the track.
  • Horses that don't train well in company. We typically train in groups of three or more daily making this a regular thing for the horse.

Although your problem may not be listed, I guarantee we have either seen or heard of it, we’ll have a plan to address the situation.