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Breaking and Training

Breaking horses has been the family bread and butter for over fifty years. Our facility has carried on the family tradition of breaking horses, and sending them off to many of the country's top trainers. With our knowledge, history, and skill set, we feel confident we’re able to do as good a job breaking-in your horses as anyone. We offer a satisfaction guarantee!

Every horse is different and presents with different needs and unique abilities and in-abilities; we are very aware of this fact and treat each horse as it presents.

  • We focus on curbing vices commonly exhibited by young horses, such as bucking and rearing, in an effort to minimize the risk of injury to the horses and their riders.
  • We focus on building a solid foundation for your horses to move forward with in the rest of their training, including walking through our on premises starting gate on a daily basis.

It's a common joke around the farm that most horses will initially ride much better than they lead!